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Lofoten Seaweed

A female-led business est. in 2016 with a passion for bringing seaweed into the modern kitchen. They work with award-winning chefs, and their products are used in Michelin starred and Bocuse d’Or nominated restaurants across Europe and beyond.

These seaweed enriched spice blends were developed to provide a convenient solution for people who want to introduce more seaweed to their home cooking, but not knowing how. Delivered in a flexible pouch with Push & Dose technology, makes their product stand out with it’s exclusive design, perfect for web-shops due to low shipping weight, and Push & Dose for easy and perfet sprinkling.



Fimtech is the company behind, and the supplier of Push and Dose. We are also the product developer of the  Spicy spice mix.

These pouches are made for demonstration purposes to demonstrate the perfect sprinkling from a flexible pouch. If you should dare to have a tase, on you own risk, you might “take off”, as it’s not only Push & Dose that is hot!

Ingredients: Chili flakes, sea salt, parsley, tomato, garlic, coriander & black pepper.

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Spicy Push & Dose