This is
Push & Dose

Push & Dose is a patented innovative feature for flexible pouches, for perfect sprinkling of  dry powders and granulates or controlled dosing of seeds, pastils and other smaller bites.

Re-launch your product with a new smart packaging, make your brand stand out and get happy customers.

And it is the more sustainable choice too!

A push in the right direction

Compared with plastic, metal, glass or even paper jars a flexible package with Push & Dose is an economical solution because of the low material-, production- and transportation costs.

Producing the flexible pouch requires less energy and creates a minimal of spill material. The empty Push & Dose-package itself also causes less waste, so it is obvious that this is THE environmentally favorable solution.

A dose of pure genius

Push & Dose is a flexible solution that can be used for a variety of granules and powders.

  • Spices and herbs
  • Food products, like cheese powder, milk powder and cake decorations
  • Medical products, like blood stop powder
  • Cosmetic products, like hair volumizing powder, dry shampoo and talkum powder
  • Special products like speciality seeds, and pet food

Push & Dose is real

The Push & Dose is delivered as a continuous string on reels with 10 to 20 thousands of P&D’s with a hole pattern customized for your product. The reel is fed into a HFFS filling machine just like you know from a zip-lock. Seconds later you have this genius feature in your pouch, ready to amuse your customers with the right dose of your wonderful product. 

P&D reel

«A functional and innovative solution, a package easy to use»

– ScanStar awards 2019

How it works

The Push & Dose unit is mounted inside the opening of flexible packaging, and consists of an elastic, perforated membrane between two spring plates. Perforation is optimized for the product.

Tear – Turn

The pouch material got a laser score for easy opening. But remember to tear up and away from the tear-line, as a sideway tear will interfere with the Push and Dose unit inside. Both will work, but the correct way works much better.

Squeeze – Release

By applying a gentle pressure to the sides of the opening, the perforated membrane inside is stretched. The holes open and serves you a perfectly sprinkled dose of product. The amount of product is easily adjusted with the amount of pressure added. Squeeze – release – repeat!

The Push & Dose-unit also has a smart closing-mechanism. This avoids the product to spill, and keeps the product fresh for a long time.