Now you can sprinkle
from a flexible pouch.

If it sprinkles, it will Push & Dose

Push & Dose is a flexible product that can perfectly sprinkle about any dry product.

Dry powders



This is Push & Dose

A genius dosing feature fitted inside a flexible pouch. For precision and elevated sprinkling experience. It innovates your product and makes your brand stand out. A sustainable solution, for happy customers!

How it works

A push in the right direction.

A flexible package with Push & Dose-technology is the sustainable and economical solution for your product when compared to a plastic, metal or glass lid with dosing cap.

A dose of pure genius.

Not more, not less. No spill. Just perfect!

«It replaces glass jars and lowers transportation costs!»

– Gold medalist at ScanStar award


Push & Dose partners with HDG

HDG is a leading manufacturer for forming, filling and sealing systems for side sealed pouches. The company supplies highly efficient and flexible packaging systems for companies from various sectors all over the world. HDG offers a P&D applicator model to their...

Push & Dose wins ScanStar 2019 award

Fimtech proudly announces that our Push & Dose has won the ScanStar 2019 award. The Push & Dose pouch allows for seasoning products to be easily dispensed via the built-in membrane with holes. Squeeze the bag at the top and the membrane opens. This...